Crypto Prices by Market Cap Today

Total volume NGN43.7T
Market cap NGN1104.9T +2.3%
BTC dominance: 43.2%
# Name Chart Price Change Mcap Volume Supply Max
1 Bitcoin Logo Bitcoin BTC NGN25,318,116.00 +1.0% NGN477.5T NGN11.7T 18.9M 21.0M
2 Ethereum Logo Ethereum ETH NGN1,711,864.00 +4.9% NGN202.8T NGN6.8T 118.1M
3 Binance Coin Logo Binance Coin BNB NGN199,362.00 +0.8% NGN33.7T NGN464.4B 168.1M 168.1M
4 Tether Logo Tether USDT NGN413.31 +0.2% NGN29.1T NGN21.7T 70.4B
5 Cardano Logo Cardano ADA NGN894.00 +0.5% NGN28.7T NGN555.2B 32.1B 45.0B
6 Solana Logo Solana SOL NGN81,543.00 +0.5% NGN24.5T NGN1.2T 300.8M 488.6M
7 XRP Logo XRP XRP NGN448.31 -0.1% NGN21.1T NGN1.4T 46.9B 100.0B
8 Polkadot Logo Polkadot DOT NGN18,144.52 +0.9% NGN18.9T NGN466.1B 1.0B
9 Dogecoin Logo Dogecoin DOGE NGN103.42 +2.4% NGN13.6T NGN648.9B 131.8B
10 USD Coin Logo USD Coin USDC NGN411.25 -0.4% NGN13.5T NGN800.8B 32.6B
11 Terra Logo Terra LUNA NGN17,850.55 -1.2% NGN7.2T NGN317.5B 401.4M 1000.0M
12 Shiba Inu Logo Shiba Inu SHIB NGN0.01394231 +21.3% NGN7.0T NGN1.8T 497.7T
13 Avalanche Logo Avalanche AVAX NGN27,045.00 +0.2% NGN6.0T NGN266.2B 220.3M 720.0M
15 Uniswap Logo Uniswap UNI NGN11,015.83 +4.2% NGN5.8T NGN95.3B 519.9M 1000.0M
16 Wrapped Bitcoin Logo Wrapped Bitcoin WBTC NGN25,228,628.00 +0.6% NGN5.6T NGN129.1B 0.2M 0.2M
17 Litecoin Logo Litecoin LTC NGN80,607.00 +2.3% NGN5.6T NGN737.2B 68.8M 84.0M
18 Binance USD Logo Binance USD BUSD NGN413.59 +0.2% NGN5.3T NGN1.4T 12.9B
19 Bitcoin Cash Logo Bitcoin Cash BCH NGN258,893.00 +0.6% NGN4.9T NGN3.4T 18.9M 21.0M
20 Algorand Logo Algorand ALGO NGN787.18 +2.8% NGN4.8T NGN136.7B 6.2B 10.0B
21 Polygon Logo Polygon MATIC NGN676.88 +8.9% NGN4.6T NGN476.8B 6.8B 10.0B
22 Cosmos Logo Cosmos ATOM NGN14,734.57 +4.8% NGN4.1T NGN290.7B 281.2M
23 Stellar Logo Stellar XLM NGN156.33 +1.6% NGN3.8T NGN169.3B 24.1B 50.0B
24 VeChain Logo VeChain VET NGN56.00 +4.1% NGN3.8T NGN223.3B 66.8B
25 Internet Computer Logo Internet Computer ICP NGN18,745.65 +1.0% NGN3.3T NGN73.5B 174.3M 469.2M
26 Axie Infinity Logo Axie Infinity AXS NGN51,950.00 -2.5% NGN3.2T NGN207.3B 61.2M 270.0M
27 FTX Token Logo FTX Token FTT NGN26,023.00 +0.9% NGN3.1T NGN97.6B 120.3M 336.1M
28 Filecoin Logo Filecoin FIL NGN26,672.00 -2.0% NGN3.1T NGN149.9B 116.3M 2.0B
29 Dai Logo Dai DAI NGN413.85 +0.1% NGN3.0T NGN194.2B 7.3B 7.3B
30 Ethereum Classic Logo Ethereum Classic ETC NGN23,065.00 +2.5% NGN3.0T NGN620.7B 130.4M 210.7M
31 OKB Logo OKB OKB NGN11,332.61 -4.3% NGN3.0T NGN424.1B 265.1M
32 TRON Logo TRON TRX NGN41.63 +1.0% NGN3.0T NGN505.6B 71.7B
33 cETH Logo cETH CETH NGN34,501.00 +4.9% NGN2.7T NGN7.9B 78.3M
34 Theta Network Logo Theta Network THETA NGN2,697.34 -2.0% NGN2.7T NGN76.5B 1000.0M
35 Fantom Logo Fantom FTM NGN1,053.20 -2.0% NGN2.7T NGN244.9B 2.5B 3.2B
36 Lido Staked Ether Logo Lido Staked Ether STETH NGN1,708,516.00 +4.7% NGN2.4T NGN2.4B 1.4M 1.4M
37 Tezos Logo Tezos XTZ NGN2,781.49 +0.6% NGN2.4T NGN52.7B 864.0M
38 Hedera Logo Hedera HBAR NGN156.36 +0.2% NGN2.3T NGN29.9B 15.0B
39 Elrond Logo Elrond EGLD NGN111,226.00 -1.5% NGN2.2T NGN37.7B 20.0M
40 Coin Logo Coin CRO NGN79.84 +3.6% NGN2.0T NGN14.9B 25.3B
41 Near Logo Near NEAR NGN3,841.54 +2.3% NGN2.0T NGN60.6B 524.9M 1000.0M
42 Monero Logo Monero XMR NGN109,928.00 +0.3% NGN2.0T NGN61.6B 18.0M
43 PancakeSwap Logo PancakeSwap CAKE NGN8,207.56 +0.6% NGN1.9T NGN45.6B 234.9M
44 EOS Logo EOS EOS NGN1,957.99 +2.8% NGN1.9T NGN321.0B 971.5M
45 The Graph Logo The Graph GRT NGN366.18 -1.6% NGN1.8T NGN43.4B 5.0B 10.0B
46 Aave Logo Aave AAVE NGN133,095.00 +3.9% NGN1.8T NGN56.9B 13.2M 16.0M
47 Flow Logo Flow FLOW NGN5,506.36 -2.2% NGN1.7T NGN30.2B 306.9M
48 Klaytn Logo Klaytn KLAY NGN667.53 +0.2% NGN1.7T NGN5.0B 2.5B
49 Quant Logo Quant QNT NGN121,967.00 +2.7% NGN1.6T NGN16.9B 13.4M 14.6M
50 cDAI Logo cDAI CDAI NGN8.96 +0.2% NGN1.6T NGN1.5B 181.4B
51 IOTA Logo IOTA MIOTA NGN545.87 -1.5% NGN1.5T NGN23.4B 2.8B
52 cUSDC Logo cUSDC CUSDC NGN9.21 +0.2% NGN1.5T NGN7.0B 164.1B
53 eCash Logo eCash XEC NGN0.07977200 +1.0% NGN1.5T NGN28.6B 18.9T 21.0T
54 Kusama Logo Kusama KSM NGN157,854.00 +2.2% NGN1.4T NGN44.1B 9.0M 10.0M
55 Olympus Logo Olympus OHM NGN449,122.00 +11.2% NGN1.4T NGN38.8B 3.1M 3.9M
56 Bitcoin SV Logo Bitcoin SV BSV NGN71,201.00 +1.1% NGN1.3T NGN55.0B 18.9M
57 NEO Logo NEO NEO NGN18,467.48 +0.7% NGN1.3T NGN90.4B 70.5M
58 LEO Token Logo LEO Token LEO NGN1,318.59 -5.9% NGN1.3T NGN158.9M 943.2M
59 Harmony Logo Harmony ONE NGN111.37 +0.8% NGN1.2T NGN109.4B 10.7B 13.2B
60 THORChain Logo THORChain RUNE NGN4,499.05 +0.2% NGN1.2T NGN41.1B 263.7M 500.0M
61 Waves Logo Waves WAVES NGN11,703.24 +2.0% NGN1.2T NGN50.6B 100.0M
62 TerraUSD Logo TerraUSD UST NGN412.24 -0.3% NGN1.1T NGN28.6B 2.7B
63 Bitcoin Cash ABC Logo Bitcoin Cash ABC BCHA NGN60,410.00 -6.4% NGN1.1T NGN24.4M 18.8M
64 Arweave Logo Arweave AR NGN21,807.00 -3.2% NGN1.1T NGN13.1B 50.1M 66.0M
65 Huobi BTC Logo Huobi BTC HBTC NGN25,090,478.00 -2.3% NGN1.0T NGN348.0M 39.9K 39.9K
66 BitTorrent Logo BitTorrent BTT NGN1.52 +0.8% NGN1000.0B NGN333.6B 659.1B
67 Stacks Logo Stacks STX NGN918.48 +1.4% NGN965.6B NGN17.8B 1.1B
68 Amp Logo Amp AMP NGN19.92 -0.1% NGN960.5B NGN7.9B 48.0B 99.2B
69 Maker Logo Maker MKR NGN1,041,835.00 +0.2% NGN939.8B NGN26.7B 0.9M 1.0M
70 Celo Logo Celo CELO NGN2,677.36 -2.3% NGN878.7B NGN16.1B 326.9M 1000.0M
71 Sushi Logo Sushi SUSHI NGN4,541.72 +2.8% NGN876.2B NGN72.2B 192.8M 250.0M
72 Celsius Network Logo Celsius Network CEL NGN2,063.92 +0.8% NGN874.0B NGN2.3B 423.4M
73 Helium Logo Helium HNT NGN8,817.75 -0.4% NGN872.9B NGN3.1B 99.2M 223.0M
74 Dash Logo Dash DASH NGN81,700.00 +1.3% NGN848.7B NGN144.2B 10.4M
75 Zcash Logo Zcash ZEC NGN71,510.00 +5.2% NGN836.4B NGN203.0B 11.7M 21.0M
76 OMG Network Logo OMG Network OMG NGN5,844.75 -0.1% NGN823.3B NGN179.0B 140.2M 140.2M
77 Magic Internet Money Logo Magic Internet Money MIM NGN415.11 +0.3% NGN805.3B NGN9.9B 1.9B
78 Compound Logo Compound COMP NGN128,416.00 -1.5% NGN783.3B NGN53.0B 6.1M 10.0M
79 Decred Logo Decred DCR NGN54,119.00 +7.0% NGN725.9B NGN4.7B 13.4M
80 Chiliz Logo Chiliz CHZ NGN135.15 +0.8% NGN720.0B NGN52.0B 5.3B 8.9B
81 Synthetix Network Token Logo Synthetix Network Token SNX NGN4,087.65 +2.8% NGN719.0B NGN43.8B 176.2M 236.5M
82 Enjin Coin Logo Enjin Coin ENJ NGN758.13 +0.4% NGN707.5B NGN32.5B 934.3M 1000.0M
83 Holo Logo Holo HOT NGN3.98 +0.0% NGN707.5B NGN46.3B 177.6B
84 Theta Fuel Logo Theta Fuel TFUEL NGN123.72 -0.5% NGN675.5B NGN4.9B 5.5B
85 Huobi Token Logo Huobi Token HT NGN4,144.83 -5.6% NGN670.9B NGN46.9B 161.8M 500.0M
86 NEM Logo NEM XEM NGN73.06 +0.8% NGN656.9B NGN12.1B 9.0B
87 Spell Token Logo Spell Token SPELL NGN9.06 +23.9% NGN645.8B NGN28.6B 71.2B 210.0B
88 NEXO Logo NEXO NEXO NGN1,129.74 +17.0% NGN639.6B NGN6.0B 560.0M 1000.0M
89 ECOMI Logo ECOMI OMI NGN2.81 -4.1% NGN611.5B NGN4.2B 217.7B
90 Curve DAO Token Logo Curve DAO Token CRV NGN1,514.86 +10.0% NGN592.6B NGN185.5B 392.0M 3.3B
91 ICON Logo ICON ICX NGN853.65 -0.8% NGN575.1B NGN8.7B 673.7M
92 Qtum Logo Qtum QTUM NGN5,465.16 +3.3% NGN566.9B NGN72.5B 103.8M
93 Zilliqa Logo Zilliqa ZIL NGN42.77 +1.8% NGN541.9B NGN48.4B 12.7B
94 XDC Network Logo XDC Network XDC NGN44.02 +0.1% NGN541.1B NGN2.1B 12.2B
95 SafeMoon Logo SafeMoon SAFEMOON NGN0.00093859 -1.2% NGN537.1B NGN1.9B 573.6T
96 TrueUSD Logo TrueUSD TUSD NGN413.63 +0.2% NGN530.0B NGN20.8B 1.3B
97 Logo YFI NGN14,778,083.00 +3.5% NGN527.1B NGN82.7B 35.7K 36.7K
98 KuCoin Token Logo KuCoin Token KCS NGN6,452.75 +6.4% NGN499.9B NGN7.7B 77.3M
99 Ravencoin Logo Ravencoin RVN NGN50.22 +1.1% NGN499.3B NGN75.6B 9.9B
100 Bitcoin Gold Logo Bitcoin Gold BTG NGN28,185.00 +0.1% NGN494.5B NGN4.5B 17.5M